Always Free Cinco de Mayo Graphing

For Cinco de Mayo, I made an always free graphing printable with options for children to make 4 different possible graphs (4 different answer sets). There are two different count and graph activities, one in color and one in black and white.  There are also two different roll and graph activities, and because these are individual activities, answers will vary.  All of the pages may be used with plastic sleeves and dry erase markers, or counters to mark the graphs.  I found cute red pepper beads at a craft shop, and I’m sure you will have many ideas for possible thematic counters.

This printable is always free on Teachers Pay Teachers at this link.

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online store with thousands of free educational resources. It is free to join and free to download materials at that site. Wise Owl Factory has about two dozen free printables on that site, also. Using the search bar at the top of the pages helps teachers find resources they are looking for their students. 

Always free Cinco de Mayo count and graph and roll and graph activities

The beads scattered, but you get the idea! For the roll and graph activities, students will have different results. In first grade, some children want to be “fair” and try to get ten of each picture, so watch to help them understand that random numbers are being measured.

Cinco de Mayo activity graphing with objects

This is one of the black and white printing counting pages. The graphs resulting from a counting page will have a right answer.Cinco-de-Mayo-count-and-Graph

Answer keys are provided for the activities with predetermined answers from counting.


The math cube is easy to fold and place in the math center. It is probably best printed on cardstock for durability.


The black and white printing option has different answers from the color printing option, so all of the activities may be used without worrying about repetition.


Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm