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This post has a short review of and a free printable for Abe Lincoln’s Hat by Martha Brenner, which is illustrated by Donald Cook.

This book is considered an easy reader for the step 3 Step into Reading series by Random House.  It is easy to read but also does a  remarkable job of telling the story of President Abraham Lincoln.  I always admire stories that use few words and manage to say so much.  The facts in this nonfiction book are presented in a child-centered manner that students will remember.  I say this with confidence, because once I read this book as a fall read aloud and put it down without questioning the children or doing a follow up activity.

I thought we would complete a more complete study of our Presidents in February.  Months later at a conference, parents remarked how impressed they were with all their child knew about Lincoln!  I actually hardly remembered reading the book to the class. But the parents told me all the facts remembered by the child, and then I was impressed.  After that, I was sure to include this book with some Lincoln activities. I made sure to never skip this story, and found students did remember the information well.

Abe Lincoln’s Hat Printable

This link will open here, and is for the printable work page, answer key, word bank, and a little penny trick page I made for the book. 

Happy reading and learning, Carolyn

Free Printable for Abe Lincoln's Hat by Martha Brenner

Thank you for reading, Carolyn