A Mom: What is an Adoptive Mother? Children’s Book

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What is a mother? A mother is the same whether children are adopted or biological. In this story, the child has been adopted. It is written from the viewpoint of the child to help explain mother is the same in any family. Mom helps check under the bed for monsters, reads books, and watches movies with the girl. She does the same things every mother does. Visually, the images show a white mother and an Asian daughter. The main author, I-Reid, has previously written blog posts for this blog, and now she has written her first children’s picture book. Her travel pictures are included in some of her posts, such as  this post and free presentation about Japan A to Z.

Every Mother’s Day, I-Ried has given owl themed gifts to Carolyn. Last Mother’s Day, however, she gave a story. Upon consideration, it seemed like a possible children’s picture book, and so we contacted Pieter Els, our illustrator. He created the clever art for the text, and the book is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. There is a Kindle version, a Nook version, as well as a paperback. The story is short and sweet.

owl-love-and-a-mom-is-birthday-story-from-daughter (1)

While this book is for any family, this illustrates the bond between an adoptive mother and daughter is not dependent upon genetics.

Pieter Els brought the words to life, such as this illustration of the daughter working in the kitchen. Yes, I-Reid really used to do that. No, the food usually wasn’t edible. Approximation is the key to learning, though, and eventually, children learn.


And the images of both mother and daughter help show a mother’s love is universal. We read so many books! I-Reid earned a star for every 10 books read in kindergarten and she had 120 stars that were ironed on her reading T-shirt. Then, we read together, and when I-Reid was ill or tired, Carolyn continued to read to her through elementary school. With her love of reading and writing, she became an accountant. Go figure!


We hope you will like our book! You can read more about it on the New Book Review blog.

A Mom: What is an Adoptive Mother? Children's Book

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Thank you for reading! I-Reid and Carolyn


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A Mom: What is an Adoptive Mother? Children’s Book

What is a mother? A mother is the same whether children are adopted or biological. In this story, the child has been adopted. It is written from the viewpoint of the child.

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