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88 Pounds of Tomatoes by Cindy Neuschwander, illustrated by Terry Sirrell, Math Activities at the end of the book by Marilyn Burns

88 Pounds of Tomatoes

Cindy Neuschwander is a third-grade teacher and the author of the Sir Cumference series and other math story books.  Her books all have some sort of math problem in the plot.  This book, 88 Pounds of Tomatoes, is intended to help second and third graders with subtraction, time, height, and weight.

Terry Sirrell is a humorous cartoonist, and you may have seen his work on the back of Cap`n Crunch and Kellogg`s Corn Flakes cereal boxes.  He also draws illustrations for all ages, not just for children.

Marilyn Burns is a famous educator who founded Math Solutions.  Even so, this book is a little difficult to find, but if you do and work with second or third graders, this book would help them think and reason in their heads.  The math problems revolve around salad, spaghetti, and pizza for a party, so this story won’t impress children who dislike tomatoes.

Near the end of the book a dog eats tomatoes and to find out how many they weigh the dog and solve the math problem.  At the end of the book are math problems children can solve using simple tools like rulers, reasoning, and no paper and pencil.  These are the kind of math problems children remember and that help them form conceptual thinking in mathematics. This book is level L for guided reading purposes.

88 Pounds of Tomatoes Printable

free-comprehension-questions-88-pounds-of-tomatoes88 Pounds of Tomatoes Free Printable

Happy math reading!  Carolyn