There is a 5-paragraph essay writing frames PDF now in the premium eMember area, on the writing page. There are letter sized teaching posters as well as planning pages and writing frames for students to practice the 5 paragraph essay. Some of the pages have support for students, and some are intended for independent writers.

Learning how to write a 5 paragraph essay can be a challenge for children. Beginning with a paragraph that engages the reader’s interest, outlines the essay, and perhaps has interesting words or a quote is a huge task for some children. Practice can be provided with writing frames and discussion. 5 Paragraph Teaching Posters and Student Pages

This is a sample teaching poster for helping to teach the concluding paragraph. This paragraph helps “sell” the essay and helps convince the reader of the opinions, facts, or argument of the writer. writing-paper-5-paragraph-essay-writing-frames

Student Planning Page Options

There are several student planning pages from which to select when deciding which pages to print for your class or students. This is one with a “hamburger” theme to help students see some organization in the writing piece. writing-paper-5-paragraph-essay-writing-frames

This is a page with a car theme. The car outline will help some students grasp the outline nature of the first paragraph, the doors provide support, and the tires finally help finish the car so it can drive away (conclude).


There are plain paper options for planning the essay, as well. Several cover options are also included. As students progress they could advance to the plain writing frames for independent learners.

I hope you will find this on the writing page for premium eMembers.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn