3 Tips to Strengthen Your Writing

3 Tips to Strengthen Your Writing informational blog post

Here are three tips to strengthen your sentences and make your writing stronger.

Tip 1:

Your writing will be more effective if you use strong verbs and nouns instead of trying to prop up weak ones with adjectives and adverbs.

Weak: The dentist intentionally spoke untruthfully about the diagnosis.

Strong: The dentist lied about the diagnosis.

Weak: The insurance agency maliciously took advantage of persons with limited income and limited education.

Strong: The insurance agency deceived the poor and the ignorant.

Tip 2:

Carefully choose strong adjectives and adverbs, and avoid adding intensifiers.

violent (not: rather violent)

starved (not: somewhat starved)

histrionic (not: slightly histrionic)

 Tip 3:

Do not try to prop up weak adjectives and adverbs with a string of intensifiers.

She was infuriated. (Not: She was very, very, very mad.)

The pain was excruciating. (Not: The pain was really, really bad.)

All three tips above involve making careful word choices. Use a dictionary and a thesaurus if necessary to find the precise words needed to make your point.

For many more tips and helpful information, be sure to visit my web site and learn more about my book, Simple Steps to Sentence Sense, which includes 8 simple steps to help you become a better writer.

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Charlene Tess taught English and creative writing to high school students and adults for thirty-five years. She is listed in Who's Who in America. She has worked as an educational consultant helping other teachers use her grammar workbook, Simple Steps to Sentence Sense, and as a creative writing teacher and freelance editor. After retiring from teaching in public schools, she has devoted her time to writing fiction and teaching creative writing to adults. Her novels, The Greatest Gift, The Cowboy’s Treasure, The Rebecca Bride, Accidental Angel, and The Van Winkle Bride are available in the Kindle Store at Amazon.com. She has also published short fiction and articles in magazines and in short story collections. Her highly acclaimed nonfiction books, Simple Steps to Sentence Sense, are being used by students all over the United States and in several foreign countries. Charlene and her husband Jerry spend their free time traveling to promote her books and visiting their two daughters and their three grandsons. TpT My TpT Store Blog Blog My Kindle Novels on Amazon My Kindle Novels on Amazon FaceBook FaceBook My Web Site My Web Site Pinterest Pinterest My Kindle Bookstore My Kindle Bookstore

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