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Here is a 3-addends freebie printable in the free eMembers area. This post has pictures showing the new freebie eMembers to the Wise Owl Factory. When you join the free level member area pages with free educational downloads will be available.

This printable has a Roll-a-Bunny 3-addend game.3-addends

3-addend math practice is great for first graders to increase their flexible thinking in math. Too often they somehow decide that all math problems have two addends, and that the answer is always on the right hand side. The equals sign means the “same as” and not that the answer is “over there.” Double plus one are the perfect facts to introduce 3 addends as the double facts are easily learned.  It really just requires counting on by one, but also provides practice in problems with 3 addends.

And a similar 3 addend egg drop game page. The answer isn’t just a numeral, it is a color!

3-Addends Freebie for eMembers


As well as counting clip cards from 10 to 20. Clothespins or button markers could be used by the child to indicate the correct answers for each card. This is a counting activity which may be used in a math center.