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Each year, Teacher’s Clipart and I make an editable calendar for classroom use. Teachers and homeschools like might like to use these. Families could use these at home, also, to keep track of gym shoe days and library return dates, for example. Just type in the blue spaces for events like field trips and school assembly dates. Save the calendar first to have an always clean copy, and then save edited versions for possible additional printing or future options.


The calendar may be printed without any editing if preferred. The blue squares will not show up at all if just printed.

If only one month is wanted, just save the entire document as the name of the month, edit that month, and print. Only the pages desired may be printed. The entire PDF does not have to be printed out. It is up to the teacher or homeschool parent.

One idea is to have the students color code the calendar in addition to the text which may be added by the teacher. All gym days might be colored in yellow, and all library days in green, for instance.

Download your copy at the next link.


This video explains more about editing PDFs.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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