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At the 2019 Weaver Lake Conservation Association free Fishing Clinic for children Miss  Owl caught her first seven fish. She really enjoyed casting and even caught a 2000 pound tree during her land practice session. 2019 Weaver Lake Conservation Association Fishing Clinic

The volunteers had a nice set up for the children. First, volunteers showed the kids how to cast on dry land without a hook. The “ball” (bobber) would bounce showing where the string landed. This was a visual reinforcement. A tarp on the ground held several different fishing poles and the children could borrow one.


Bait was free and included angleworms and mealworms. I learned so much about mealworms when I was teaching second grade and we had a FOSS science unit about them. Each has 13 segments. The volunteer may not have appreciated my informative talk about mealworms. Volunteers put the bait on the hooks which were used when fishing from the dock as opposed to casting on land. I was glad about that as I don’t much like worms but am happy to take fish off hooks.

Conservation-Corps-helps-children-learn-to-fish-at-Maple-Grove-Days-Weaver-Lake (6)

Miss Owl had a great time even though it was a super hot day. She felt sad when one fish swallowed the hook but the volunteer explained it might be food for turtles or other fish. It didn’t take long at all to catch her seven fish.

Conservation-Corps-helps-children-learn-to-fish-at-Maple-Grove-Days-Weaver-Lake (8)

We hope you will enjoy the video of her fishing adventure!

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Miss Owl has been enjoying Adventure Club this summer and went to a garage sale for kids. She spent two whole dollars! Garage-sales-help-children-learn-about-making-change-and-making-money-go-further