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2019 is a new year and so you might need a Montessori inspired linear calendar to post in the classroom. With the months lined up next to each other, the children can see how “long” a year is, and how the seasons change as well. This is a very visual method to help children understand the abstract concepts of an entire year. The names of the days are torn off one at a time so children begin to see how small a day is compared with a month or a year. The length of days until a birthday or vacation can be more understood when pointed out along a line. This is a very clever way to help children understand this concept. The next picture is from one of the pages in the calendar.

*Note: calendar edited — refresh browser for updated version

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Last year I wrote about using recycled calendars to make such a calendar at this link. These can certainly be made with the beautiful images from old calendars. The dates and days on the bottom of my printable could be added to such a homemade calendar.


I have also previously written about teaching children the abstract concept of time. That post has a free printable, as well.


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