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Teaching the Abstract Idea of Time to Children

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Teaching the abstract idea of time to children can absolutely be accomplished by using common household items and discussion. Obviously, the discussion and learning will be ongoing as children grow and learn. As I finish the year long online KHT Montessori class, I am studying the last manual — history. Karen Tyler

Welcome to The Wise Owl Factory Blog

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The Wise Owl Factory Blog offers a variety of educational articles, ideas and products to make learning fun for you and your kids... lots of it free and also some Premium options. If you need some more info, please contact me by clicking on the Contact menu button in the menu bar.

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DIY Map Skills Treasure Hunt and Free PDF

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Map skills can be difficult for young children to grasp and suddenly they are in school faced with a map worksheet. Parents can help at home to create a foundation for map terminology and use in very simple ways. Geography was one of the last units in my year long

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Current Giveaway for Wise Owl Factory

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Premium eMember Subscription Giveaway Wise Owl Factory’s premium eMember subscription giveaways run monthly. There will be five winners a month for an annual subscription. The $5 Premium eMembership is being offered for people who have trouble logging in with the free password sent in the newsletter. Some school districts or other computer

PermaLeaf® White Orchid Review and Free Pre-K Flower PDF

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This post has a PermaLeaf® White Orchid review and free Pre-K flower PDF. We have been working with flowers and plants this spring. It is a refreshing to think about plants during the dormant looking landscape at the end of the snowy Minnesota winter. PermaLeaf® has the widest selection of outdoor artificial plants

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