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Understanding Poverty Class Discussion Guide Freebie

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Poverty in America affects many of our schools. Students with a better understanding of how poverty affects people can have increased empathy towards those who may be suffering in one or more areas. I felt with the refugee situation and the fact children have perhaps been exposed to the fact people live in poverty

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Making Gummy Candy at Home with a Kit

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Gummy candy, anyone? Actually the children barely even tasted our resulting candy so this was a great project! Ha ha! We used a candy making kit found online and I purchased my own materials. Curiosity got the better of me and I have to admit this was my own idea. So the most interesting thing

Alex Asks About Auntie’s Airplane Day: An Adoption Day Story

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Alex Asks About Auntie's Airplane Day: An Adoption Day Story is an easy reader picture book to help young children learn about multi-race family adoptions. By looking at the celebration through the eyes of the youngest family member, the "gotcha day" party helps him understand his aunt was adopted from South Korea. The family

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Free Printable for How I Learned Geography

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Free Printable for How I Learned Geography Book by Uri Shulevitz How I Learned Geography by Uri Shulevitz is a story from World War 2 that resonates for today’s children as it is child-centered and informative. This post has a short review of the book and a free printable. Although this book looks

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Top Tips to Prevent the Summer Slide in Reading

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Summer slide can be prevented, although it takes some concentrated effort on the part of parents, students, and caregivers. Help prevent the summer slide in reading with top tips for parents and students from teachers who know. "Summer reading loss refers to the decline in children's reading development that can occur during summer vacation

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