Always Free Cinco de Mayo Graphing

Always Free Cinco de Mayo Graphing

For Cinco de Mayo, I have made an always free graphing printable with options for children to make 4 different possible graphs (4 different answer sets).  There are two different count and graph activities, one in color and one in black and white.  There are also two different roll and graph activities, and because these are individual activities, answers will vary.  All of the pages may be used with plastic sleeves and dry erase markers, or counters to mark the graphs.  I found cute red pepper beads at a craft shop, and I’m sure you will have many ideas for possible thematic counters.

This printable is always free on Teachers Pay Teachers at this link.

This printable is always free on BuySellTeach, at this link.

Always free Cinco de Mayo count and graph and roll and graph activities

The beads scattered, but you get the idea!

Cinco de Mayo activity graphing with objects

I’m starting to write “always free” for my products as they are 99% always free.  It will take some time to mark everything as I have hundreds of freebies, but I’m not sure people realize what is available.

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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Short i and Long i Printable

Short i and Long i Printable

There is a new short i and long i milk caps (or card stock circles) for newsletter subscribers. It was sent yesterday, so if you are a subscriber, it should be in your email. If you are not a subscriber, there is a spot to subscribe on the right side bar of this blog, or the left sidebar on our Facebook page.  I will add this to the next few newsletters until there is a new freebie.

short i and long i freebie printable

free short i and long i printable for newsletter subscribers


short i long i roll and graph

Thanks for reading, Carolyn

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“Egg”cellent Activities: Language Arts, Math, Science and more!

“Egg”cellent Activities: Language Arts, Math, Science and more!Eggcellent-bundle-BuySellTeach

445 Pages of “Egg”citing Activities

I am happy to be participating in an Educents bundle for Spring today and continuing for 14 days, Egg-cellent Activities. This literacy bundle is for April.  The 455 pages of downloadable products include:

I have previously blogged about my new Spring’s a Popping Punctuation packet, which is also available separately on BuySellTeach.  Here is the link that will open the demo for this punctuation product right here.

punctuation-flowers from the Spring's a Popping Punctuation product on BuySellTeachI hope you find some helpful resources in this bundle!

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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Free First Grade Surveys and Make My Own Graph, Sports Theme

Free First Grade Surveys and Make My Own Graph, Sports Theme

New today!  Free surveys and graphing pages to help first graders as they work towards CCSS Math Content 1 MDC 4.  Before you ask, these pages will fit any math program.  This freebie is available on BuySellTeach as well as Teachers Pay Teachers. We want to encourage children to play outside in nice weather, so the theme of the surveys is sports. Three of the surveys are all set up, and there is one open-ended option.  Similar and longer sections of surveys and graphing are included in two Wise Owl Products, also, Spring Count and Graph as well as April Showers No-Prep Count and Graph.  Both products require very little preparation.


I hope your students think the surveys and graphing are fun.  They can compare each others results and work in a little more math.

Here are a few of the pages in the April Showers No-Prep Product, and this link will open the demo so you can see all of what is included. It is available on BuySellTeach as well as Teachers Pay Teachers.

sample pages from the April Count and Graph

This is one of the pages from the Spring Count and Graph product available on BuySellTeach as well as Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can see it is similar to today’s freebie on this blog.  This link will open the demo right here so you can see all of the pages.


This is a photo of the Spring Count and Graph in use.  Activities are for March through June.


I have added similar graphing freebies to both of my online stores, also.

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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Easter Graphing Freebie

Easter Graphing Freebie

This graphing freebie has one color specific color activity, and one in black and white.  This is the “usual” kind of count and graph pages I make, and there is a page with some photos to show some ideas of how the materials may be used.  Teachers will have various ideas about incorporating these in to their math centers, too, I’m sure.

Easter Graphing Freebie with one activity is color specific and one is in black and white, free

The count and graph activities may be set up for exact counting with a controlled approach, or the paper cube may be used for independent graphing.  The answer keys included are for the counting pages, while independent graphing activities will have answers that vary. I used jelly beans for some added incentive!

Free Easter-count-and-graph-possible-set-upsThis is available for free on BuySellTeach, and is also free on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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Free Math Fun Bulletin Board Banner


This post has a free math fun bulletin board banner to print for your class.  I do not know about you, but lining letters up for bulletin board titles can get old, and pinches my fingers.  This idea is from Teachers Clipart and makes title banners so easy!  These may be laminated and saved from year to year, saving teachers valuable time.  Here are the printed pages ready to be glued together and laminated.

free math-fun-banner-ready-for-gluing-and-laminating PDF

The bulletin board banner for the math fun pages to print includes instructions on how to assemble the printed pages.


First, print out the pages you want.   This is just the art to help illustrated the assembly.


Notice that more than one middle section page may be printed for longer banners.


Next, trim all but one side of each page.  Trim all tops and bottoms. Or, use your own method just so one side of each page will overlap with the next for a continuous banner.

trim all but one side of each page

This freebie may be assembled with the extra graphics, or not.  If the extra side graphics are used, the right and left edge of the words will need to be trimmed.


This is a link to Teachers Clipart’s new EDITABLE bulletin banner product on TpT. There are 5 different color options in the product.


You will recognize many of the clip art products in the Teachers Clipart store from Wise Owl Factory products.  I like how helpful the products are for teachers, as well as the educational focus of the store.

Thanks for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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Commonly Confused Words

Commonly Confused Words

commonly confused words

Some words sound the same, but are spelled differently and have very different meanings. Using the wrong word is easy to do, but it is just as easy to use them correctly if you study a few at a time.

The following words are frequently confused and used incorrectly:

Their:             belongs to them

Example:     I found their house by using Google Maps.

There:            location (Replace it with the similar word “where.”)

                         Example: We will be going there today.


Loose:           (rhymes with moose) not close together – free

Example:     Baby’s front tooth is loose.

Lose:              to suffer loss

                        Example: Our team is going to lose tonight.


Hear:              to receive sound through the ears

Example:     I hope to hear him sing tonight.

Here:              this place

                         Example: Let’s stop here and rest.

hear or here

Passed:         verb, past tense of pass

                        Example: Father passed me the potatoes.

Past:              noun, preposition, or adjective

                        Example: I wonder if he had a troubled past.

                        Example: Her past experience is valuable.

                        Example: The plane flew past the buildings.


Peace:           the opposite of war

                        Example: We are praying for peace in the Middle East.

Piece:            a portion of something

                        Example:  Please cut me a piece of cake.


After you finish writing a paper, do a word search for the words above to be sure you have chosen the correct word. 

You will find a free lesson and quiz to practice using these words at this link  

Thank you for reading, Charlene Tess

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Free Check Your Work Printable

Free Check Your Work Printable

It’s spring in most areas, although not quite in snowy Minnesota.  Some cases of spring fever have been going around, and the teachers have to keep their classes in check for upcoming tests and through the end of the school year.  This free printable has some letter sized posters for a small bulletin board or classroom display area,  a student self-evaluation rubric, a teacher assessment rubric, and small checklists for student folders.  This freebie will hopefully help remind students of quality work standards that are expected through the last day of class.  FREE CHECK YOUR WORK PDF

Free Check Your Work Display, Rubrics, and Student Checklists My husband made some check marks for my class, and the students enjoyed holding one when checking over work.  I’m sharing a picture of them, although I have no way to share them with you.  I wish I could!


Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm

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Math Measuring Story with Fraction Work Pages

Math Measuring Story with Fraction Work Pages

Have you seen the Wise Owl Factory story, Super Spoons to the Rescue?  This is a math measuring story and also has fractions posters, activities, and work pages with answer keys.  It is $3.00 on Wise Owl Factory’s Teachers Pay Teachers store. Just the story version is available on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents, and it is also available on Barnes and Noble Nook for 99 cents.  Below, find the FREEBIE for this product.

I wrote this story, and Teachers Clipart created all the artwork.  The story and extra learning pages are also available at her Teachers Pay Teachers store, Teachers Clipart.

Sometimes we have to engage students to help them understand there are real-world applications for the math we are teaching.  My first graders enjoyed this story so I hope other students will like it as well.  It could be used at school or at home for summer practice.

Super Spoons to the Rescue, simple fractions story, student pages

Free PDF to accompany  Super Spoons to the Rescue, 8 of the 10 pages could be used independently of the story.  Here is the same thing in Power Point format.  These pages are from the previous version of this story, and are mostly activity based.  Two side colored counting chips work best, but buttons could be flipped as well (if they have a definite front and back).

info photo with pictures of pages in freebies


Teachers Clip Art product

Thank you so much for reading, Carolyn

*Note:  I am not an affiliate for selling books.

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